Electric cars will get a higher speed limit in Austria

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Europe including Austria is experiencing a sudden slump in the electric car sales, possibly because all of the early adopters of the technology had purchased one there isn't much of market for EV's as everyone else is waiting for them to get just a little bit better given the pace at which they improve.

This lead Austrian government have come up with a solution to re-ignite the interest in EV's amongst the wider population, something that I think everyone who dries regularly wishes for... higher speed limit! ( sort of, terms and conditions apply*)

Renault ZOE is currently the best selling electric car in Europe just topping over 20 thousand sales a year. Source- Renault

Austria operates what's called IG-L - a compulsory speed limit restriction at times of high pollution. During these times traffic is restricted to 62mph which on a highway must feel like a pace of a limping snail on ice. During these times electric cars would be allowed to drive at 80mph.

This would be across the small countries 273miles of motorways jampacked of speed-camers which no doubt will be key to monitoring the difference, Federal Minister Köstinger said the following:“The exception for electric vehicles in the IG-L-Hundred is an advantage that we want to give owners of e-vehicles to internal combustion engines.

“In the future, you can drive with an electric vehicle in an IG-L-Hundred zone at 130 km/h. This applies to a distance of 440 kilometres in total.”

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  • Won’t matter, you’ll still be stuck behind two lorries driving side by side at 50mph.

    1 month ago
  • What if I just stick with gasoline cars

    1 month ago


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