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Electric daily driver? Yes, please

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​Electric cars are getting better and better, the ranges are going up, the charging times are going down, along with the prices. And I think, all of these developments are making it more and more interesting to drive an electric car as a daily driver.

​You've gone insane??

​I've always been insane, so that's a stupid question. It's actually quite logical, there's a standard EV for less than €50 000, the EV6 for instance will cost you €45k and will drive 400km (-30%= 280km), while the range toppers will do 510 (-30% = 357 km). But, what are numbers? 280 km doesn't actually sound far, considering your petrol car will probably do 500km on its tank.

​Some sort of chart of Europe

​Some sort of chart of Europe

​Above, you see a map with a radius of 200km, if I'd start in the middle at the blue dot, the battery would be drained a bit outside the circle. The EV6 is charged from 10 to 80% in about 20 minutes. Imagine what'll happen when you'd buy the range-topping... So, if you need to travel further, just take a 20 minute pee & coffee break and hit the road again.

​But... the soul

​Great question! I love the Kia Soul! This is the second time I mention Kia positively... That's a danger zone

But why would you choose it over petrol?

​Since the range and charging speed aren't really an argument for why to choose an EV over a petrol car, here are my reasons:

​The noise it makes

​Actually, the lack of noise it makes. Just think a moment about the amount of sound isolation a Rolls Royce has. All of it is to prevent the driver to hear the engine or wheels, and surprise surprise, a BEV doesn't actually have an engine sound. And that's a great point for me, I get annoyed quite fast by the constant engine sound while doing 120 on the motorway. As for city traffic, this is, even more, an advantage since the noise nuisance in cities is quite a big problem.

​The offers

​More and more manufactures are producing EVs, this has as a positive side-effect, that there's a huge amount of different EVs. There's one for almost everyone, from small city cars to big Autobahn eating sedans and from MPVs to estates.


​Wait what? Well, an EV might be more expensive to buy, but less expensive to maintain. They simply have fewer moving parts, lower taxes and lower money per kilometre. This means that you maybe have some money left to get a nice, fun car for the evenings and weekends. And a comfortable, quiet daily driver.

T​hanks a lot for reading, and have some popcorn while you go through the comment section!

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Comments (84)

  • I like petrol cars more ofcourse but i wouldnt mind to drive a electric car if I would have a petrol car too

      1 month ago
  • I 100% agree, this needs to get on the homepage right now . I think that an EV is perfect for daily driving as long as you have money to buy a good one.

      1 month ago
  • I totally agree! Nice to see some light in a gloomy topic Ferdi! I’d definitely consider replacing my RS4 with an EV.

      1 month ago
    • Yh, especially when the charging possibilities are getting on a good level. We've got quite a lot of them right now

        1 month ago
    • Why would you replace a rs4 it’s such an Amazing car?

        1 month ago
  • This is exactly why I defend Tesla.

      1 month ago
  • Ok. At the moment of writing I am on vacation in Croatia. There's a Dutch guy with a Model 3 here. We were having a beer over it and it the situation is that there are several Tesla chargers in few miles radius here, but on 22kW - so it takes around 5-8 hours to charge the damn thing. Now, if he wants to USE HIS car in HIS vacation, he needs to sit beside it for 5h to charge it. On a vacation.

    It's a hassle. Why would I want to spend my 50k on a car to be a pain in the ass? And still that power produces carbons only somewhere else.

    Just plain consumerism at its worst. To buy something you don't really need, just because we are bullied into it.

      1 month ago
    • What is to stop someone from unplugging the charger on one of these EVs if it is left unattended?

      I truly don't know and might be wondering for the next time of am at a public EV charging station, it's just because sometimes I get bored and like...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • Yeah..and a guy with a V8 Holden unplugs my refrigerator :)

        1 month ago