Electric Explorer African Challenge

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This journey will be pioneering in its nature and not simple to implement.

The ‘star’ will of course, be a car but not the “Maluch” which will return to us and continue the world tour series during the On The Way Americas Expedition, most likely to take place in 2019.

Next year, I will travel by a 100% electric car. Again, I plan to go through Africa, but this time, departing from Cape Town and arriving in Europe. The vehicle will not be modified in any way, or specifically altered/ designed to facilitate the ease of the expedition. In other words, the journey will be undertaken in a regular car designed for the every day person, under ‘normal’ conditions, the very same car that you see on today’s roads in many cities.

When thinking of this upcoming adventure, I am aware of course, that it would be far easier to drive this specific car across Europe with its many charging stations or America where the most electric cars are currently sold. Asia presents an interesting perspective, as it can be crossed on asphalt from start to finish, and electricity is easily available there.

However, I chose Africa, partly because of the challenges it will offer me.

In order to fill the batteries with electricity every day, I will need the assistance of the Africans, people who have very little influence on global affairs, energy and environmental policies as well. I hope to prove that, however difficult and impossible something may seem to be able to achieve, with the right attitude and determination, it can be accomplished.

Electric cars are undoubtedly the future of motoring. Today's drivers of these vehicles are in some ways, our modern explorers, pioneers contributing to the development of clean automotive. The more they roam the roads of the world, the cleaner and healthier the air will become. I am convinced that, given time, many people will soon consider buying such a vehicle. I would like my trip to contribute to how we perceive the world, and what impact our actions have on us and our future, in particular our decisions on what means of transport we choose to take.

This project is called ELECTRIC EXPLORER AFRICAN CHALLENGE. Its goal is to travel by an electric car (alone) across the continent.

This time, I will not be accompanied by a film crew and its production car, so this trip will not result in another television series. Instead, Albert Wójtowicz (who traveled with me through Africa and Asia), will accompany me, and whose task will be to document the expedition, both on film and photos.

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed and please share this message. Thank you very much!

Arkady P. Fiedler

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