Electric Fiat 500 3+1 with tiny suicide doors is everything

2021 will be a better year

12w ago

Say hello to the 2021 Fiat 500 3+1. Why not just call it the Fiat 500 4? Why do math? Teasing aside, there's nothing to poke fun at about this reveal. It's an electric classic with tiny suicide doors that is bound to put a smile on everyone's faces, including Mother Nature's.

That tiny rear door provides easy access to the backseats and honestly, it's brillant. Not only is it easier on your passengers, but you get to show off some suicide door action, in case no one notices to slick rose gold paint job.

If rose gold doesn't tickle you, there is "Glacier Blue" and "Onyx Black" to choose from. But seriously, how many times will you get the option to buy a rose gold car? *squeals*

So it has some basic features: eco-leather interior, parking sensors, a wealth of safety features like lane centering and a backup camera, well-equipped infotainment system that's friendly to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There's something called "twilight and dazzle sensors" - I'm not sure if Edward Cullen will appear in the passenger seat upon engaging but I'll buy it to find out. And look at that flat bottom-looking steering wheel. Necessary? Nah. Cool? Definitely.

(Appears as if the wheel is round, but that bottom "ledge" design makes it look flat)

The base "Action" model has a top speed of 83 mph and 94 hp from 70 kW electric engine and a 23.8 kWh battery. This will get a driver 150 miles range. The next level trim, "Passion", gets you further with 285 miles from a 87 kW electric motor and you're bumped up to 118 hp.

"Action", however, takes 9.5 seconds from zero to sixty, but it's understandable for the small electric engine. Rimac kind of power isn't to be expected in a car that weighs half that size; this cutesy 500 would take flight in under 9.5 seconds if that were so.

The 500 3+1 has a guestimate price of around $23,500, based on their previous 500s. The first models of these to roll out will be called the ‘la Prima’ Launch Edition. There's no word on where this will be available outside of Europe, but I presume it won't see US soil until we have hovercars as the norm.

Did it just become a dream car? Yes. It did.

How does the future of compact EVs look with this latest reveal?

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Comments (44)

  • My Dad works in the industry. He sees crash tests. I asked him if he had ever been in a 500. He looked at me as if I had just asked where the bodies were buried and said, "HELL NO, wouldn't be caught dead in one". Keep that in mind when you think these are cute. Don't let the cute looks lure you in. They are not safe vehicles. Small cars can be safe. This is not one of them.

      2 months ago
  • Still looks cute, I want one.

      2 months ago
    • It’s a car a guy should never be seen driving in.

        2 months ago
    • A car guy shouldn't.

      A car man however can pull this off. It's the pink shirt of the automotive color scale.

        2 months ago
  • Amazing how small electric cars are sooo expensive! This is too tiny for most people so would be better junking the front seats and sitting in the rears. 2+0 and a reasonable boot.

      2 months ago
    • Yeah it's crazy how expensive they are. I don't know the logistics of how any company prices a car. I imagine it's difficult to choose a $20k+ electric car over a regular car for less, unless you're someone who really wants an EV.

        2 months ago
    • Agree, I can imagine it’s the cost of raw materials, equipment, labour divided by say a million cars and the add some profit.

      The fundamental problem is that small cars are bought by people who can only afford small cars. If it’s a fashion...

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • So why would I drive this? Because different lol

    This is so cool

      2 months ago
  • it looks like it was designed for girls

      2 months ago