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Electric hatchbacks head to head! Which one would you choose?

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  • Honda E is a fun little car i think

      7 months ago
  • Although they are both rather lovely cars, neither is competent as your sole car. They claim to be 'city' cars, but if you live in a city, you usually struggle to find room to park even one car, let alone two or more. A normal Mini is perfectly good for travelling the length and breadth of the UK as is a Honda Jazz. Either will do the job of a 'city' car as well as an 'everywhere else' car. I rather think both cars have entered the world handicapped by their parents lack of foresight. There are numerous other EVs that do much more mileage and can fulfil the dual roles without needing to own a car for every occasion

      7 months ago
  • The Honda

      7 months ago