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increase in charge points means trans-europe driving is here

4y ago

Nissan have just completed a grand tour of Europe in an electric Leaf hatchback taking in routes through Spain, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland....and presumably the delights of Sunderland too, where the cars are built. 

Nissan says its aim was to showcase the current Leaf’s claimed 155 mile range by taking advantage of some of the 3,000 charge points now available across Europe. 
The trip took in the almost 900km Atlantic road on Norway’s coast, Dumfries to Clatteringshaw’s Loch in Scotland, before moving on to Granada in Spain, the area around Italy’s Mount Etna and then over the Alps into Bavaria. 

There are a couple of other routes that have recently been tried and tested for electric car practicality, including Route57 which takes in over 2,500 miles of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic split into a number of stages to be completed whenever you wish. 

Scotland’s North Coast 500 takes in the most stunning scenery the Scottish North Coast has to offer on a loop starting and finishing in Inverness and is also confirmed as being Electric Car Friendly. Their website even gives suggestions on things to do and see en route along with details of hotels and electric car charging points. 

Scotland's North Coast 500 Can Now Be Driven Using Electricity Only

Scotland's North Coast 500 Can Now Be Driven Using Electricity Only

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  • Trans Europe electric riding —when slow charging— is also possible =:-] Did it on my electric Zero DS last year, Belgium to Istanbul, return, 8.000 km. There're a few stories on my #elektrogirl tribe already; posting more as the weeks pass.

    But sure, when in a hurry, we'll need many more charge points, for the motorcycles too of course.

      4 years ago