Electric SUVs are all the rage, but which should you buy? Let's find out

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Just four questions are between you and your ideal electric SUV.

Do you want to shame super cars away from the lights?

  • YES
  • Not interested, I’m buying this car for comfort
  • I’d rather have a quick car that can also handle corners
  • Speed? But think of all the flies that'll die on my blanked-off radiator grille
  • Sounds pricy. All I need is an EV that can carry the family

Do you want cameras instead of wing mirrors?

  • No, that is the stupidest idea
  • I mean… mirrors work pretty well
  • More screens? No thank you
  • Hell yeah, they look cool, so what if I flatten the odd cyclist?
  • Bro, have you seen the price of those things? No thanks

Do you want an EV that you can drive like a sports car?

  • No, I already have a sports car
  • And flatten its battery in seconds? You’re okay, thanks
  • With my family inside? There’s really no need
  • Er, I’d rather it was as comfortable as possible
  • Yes, who says they all have to handle like milk floats?

Will your first EV be your only car?

  • Yep, so I'm willing to spend a load of cash on it
  • No, I’ll keep something else for long journeys
  • It’ll be a second car so I’d rather not spend a fortune on it
  • No, I’ll have an EV for every occasion
  • Over. My. Dead. Body
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