Electric TCR gets another addition with Alfa Romeo

The upcoming all-electric discipline is getting some Italian flare.

Since the idea was debuted over a year ago, only two manufacturers have made commitments to the upcoming ETCR category in the form of Seat and Hyundai. Considering the success and popularity of the regular, petrol-powered TCR cars, this lack of interest has been somewhat shocking.

With the series officially getting underway next year, that duo has become an awesome threesome as Alfa Romeo has joined with the help of Romeo Ferraris. The Italian racing team based around the Monza circuit with an illustrious history history in Motorsport including 69 titles in various disciplines. Today, its best claim to fame is that it helps run the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR cars in International TCR.

Although the ETCR series will look a lot like the regular TCR category from the outside, Romeo Ferrari’s experience may not give it much of a competitive edge. For starters, the cars are a lot more powerful as the 2.0-litre, 350hp engines are replaced by a common battery pack producing a maximum of 671hp. Another change from the famous touring car category is that the ETCR cars are all rear-wheel drive.

In Alfa’s case, that impressive drivetrain will be hidden by a very aggressive take on the Giulia’s body. Just like the Giulietta that runs in the ice cap melting TCR class, the Giulia has very large extended wheel arches, a boxy front end and one of the largest rear wings I’ve ever seen on what is supposed to be a touring car. In fact, from the outside, one can’t really tell that it’s an EV.

So far, no official dates or circuits have been publicly announced by the series’ promoters. However, they are adamant that 2020 will see the all-new, all-electric championship make its way to four tracks. Therefore, expect to see the Giulia whooshing its way round tracks towards the end of next year.

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  • The BTCC will soon be changing to hybrid system's in the cars hence why you are starting to see cars like the Toyota Corolla, BMW 3 series being used as they already have hybrid road car versions.

      1 year ago
    • I read the hybrid systems in the BTCC are going to be like the KERS system in F1. So not a full-time hybrid system.

        1 year ago