- I spent the day at the track to check out one of the first public demonstrations of the car. Doesn't look all that different, does it?

Electric Touring Cars are here!

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October the 21st. For me, it was a day of Motorsport, photos and electric race cars. I spent the day at the Circuit de Catalunya to check out the finale of the 2018 GT Open championship. However, the most interesting part was the public demonstration of the all new Seat Cupra ETCR car. So I've gathered up some photos showing the key differences to the normal dead dinosaur powered car.

Obviously, the main difference to the normal version of Seat's interpretation of the TCR rules is the sound. Where the petrol powered hatch-back sounds like a Lion on the power and a fart canon off it, the electric version can only heard by dogs it's so high. Obviously, you can hear the distinctive whine of the electric drivetrain but as it's so silent, you also hear the wind around the car. I'm sure it's very similar to what a Formula E car sounds like.

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Listen to the haunting whine and woosh of your future!

As you can see, visually, the cars really aren't all that different. The front grill has been removed as there is less need for cooling the front part of the car. There is also a very subtle aero tweak to the rear diffuser, side skirts and there are some added end plates the the splitter. These obviously have benefits to grip, however the chief designer said that they are designed more with cooling in mind and they help direct the air flow to small holes around the lower part of the body and floor. In fact, it is necessary to do everything to aid battery cooling. This is a known problem the test driver has picked up on that they need to fix before the beginning of the championship in 2020.

Although the car looks similar to its petrol counter part, under the bodywork, they are totally different beasts. For example, the normal cars are powered by petrol or diesel turbocharged 2.0 litre engines and under producing around 350PS (345bhp) and 420Nm of torque. On the other hand, the electric version gets a whopping 680bhp from the rear mounted electric motors. Yes, the Cupra ETCR is a rear wheel drive monster.

What do you think of this new upcoming series? Are you interested in the production of the new cars? Will you tune in when the season starts in just over a year?

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