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Electric vehicles now outsell cars with manual transmissions in the US

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T​hat's right: in the third quarter of 2019, electric vehicles outsold manual transmissions, as Driving.ca reports, citing numbers compiled by J.D. Power research.

F​or the past few years manufacturers have been offering less and less manual transmissions; with some like Ferrari and Lamborghini ditching them all together. And when it comes to new vehicles leaving dealer lots, cars powered purely by electricity are now officially less of a novelty than ones with clutch pedals. And with EV sales steadily rising and manuals on the decline, this is the first time such a thing has happened in over a century.

EVs were able to surpass last century’s dying technology

J​.D. Power

Here’s what Tyson Jominy, Vice President of Automotive Data & Analytics Consulting at J.D. Power, told Driving.ca in an email:

"​[Manual transmissions] have been on a nearly century-long decline and while no rational person thinks the trend will ever reverse, it was interesting to note that only this year, after nearly a decade in market, EVs were able to surpass last century’s dying technology."

S​o, if like me you're not ready to see manual transmissions go the way of the Titanic you should probably hurry up and buy one already.


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  • The end in near, the sky is falling. Our family owns 4 cars, all of which are manual. The manual isn’t dying because automatics are that great, ever driven a crisstreck with a CVT? It’s horrible. There are better automatics, but not in most things. Electrics are not affordable yet for the masses and infrastructure is improving, but not there yet. I’m hoping electric cars go the way of the automatic seatbelts of the 90’s, but it won’t. Electric only will not be world wide, and if another idiot like Trump gets elected in the states, fake news will keep us running on dinosaurs.

    4 days ago
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