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Elephant Strikes Back After Being Struck By Car

"When the vehicle struck the elephant’s hind legs, it responded by stomping on the car, destroying the engine and killing the driver." Independent

3y ago

This morning the Independent reported from Thailand that a man was fatally injured after striking an Elephant with his car. Apparently he ran into the Elephants rear legs in the Khao Yai National Park at which time the Elephant turned and destroyed the car and occupant by stomping. The incident took place at night on a road that is well marked to be careful of animals crossing.

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  • That's tragic. I thought the deer around here were bad. The bucks can get pretty big.

    That reminds me of a goofy story. I never gave a lot of thought to riding a motorcycle at night. Yes, it does take a lot more caution riding on mountain roads at night. I mentioned that animals don't bother me much. I can see their eyes reflect from the lights. A gent overheard me and said "not if they're looking the other way". Ah. I didn't think of that. He then told me of a motorcyclist that road into the back of a bear at night...

      3 years ago
    • Yikes! My fathers family is from Wisconsin and the deer are especially bad. Often on those back roads they seem to be looking in the wrong direction until it's too late to use their eyes. Everybody in our family has had a deer run in with a deer. ...

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        3 years ago
    • Here they call them "bully bars".

      The problem with deer is if there's one, there's more. Usually a lot more. The collective term for deer should be "jerky".

      Geese and turkeys are no fun either. I can really live without the occasional...

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        3 years ago