Eleven 90's 5-series that never saw the road

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I see a TOURING!

As your resident BMW aficionado (specifically 3rd generation 5-series) and as a Bulgarian, I bring you the breaking news of an astonishing find in the southwestern region of Bulgaria (Blagoevgrad) of 11 untouched 520i and 525i BMWs.

The photos and finding courtesy of the The Society of Rust Prevention - (BG: Център за БОРБА с Ръждата)

And no, there were no M5s in there, or Alpina's, or Hartge's so Ali Baba would probably just say "meh".

But nevertheless it is pretty cool finding. It can be seen that the cars were not preserved in their best of shapes, but you would be surprised what some elbow grease could do.

Supposedly the cars were purchased in the early 90s, and were intended for a rental car business.

Before you could take off in one of these, 0-mile cars, you might want to consider redoing all the rubber hoses, and fluids. But for a country in the rust belt, like Bulgaria, these are potentially the cleanest shells you can find around.

There is a video below for the facebook users.

The cars are supposed to be auctioned at some point. There isn't much information, past that. But I won't be surprised to see one of these in the near future stateside.

Would you become the rightful owner of one of these 3rd generation 5-series?


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  • Loved my E34 525 sport. Great car and great fun

    9 days ago
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  • So cool! A touring for me please! :)

    10 days ago
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