Elon Musk Confirms he reopened Tesla against County order and could face arrest

    The billionaire confirmed that he reopened the factory today against Alameda County orders.

    28w ago


    The billionaire confirmed that he reopened the factory today against Alameda County orders, he posted on Twitter about the situation and said that if anyone is arrested, "I ask that it only be me."

    This comes after news about a full parking lot at the Fremont factory appeared full this morning and questions were asked about the factory being open. On Friday Alameda county ordered that the factory stay shut given due to not meeting regulations to re-open during the pandemic.

    This should be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

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    Comments (23)

    • Damn it! Why does he have to be a good person?

        6 months ago
      • hahaha I feel like Elon Musks twitter is basically the movie "The Aviator", he's going insane like Howard Hughes.

          6 months ago
    • From one perspective, a Libertarian billionaire sells his possessions because they slowed him down, and defies bureaucracy for the sake of freedom.

      From another, a businessmen sells houses for cold cash and forces the factories to restart (i.e. stop hemorrhaging money) even if it exposes workers to risk.

      Knowing Musk for the douche bag he is... it's hard to say what the real mix is.

        6 months ago
      • Well, the same county has allowed Home Depot to open all of its stores and keep them open despite overcrowding and ignored isolation protocols.

        If I had experience running a factory in a pandemic (Tesla Shanghai has been open for months...

        Read more
          6 months ago
      • well, the definition of "essential" is hazy, but Tesla is not it. And if you think about it, making luxury cars is hardly essential. Wheres building and construction is. But that's besides the point.

          6 months ago
    • It’s a tough situation. I know hundreds of hard working factory employees that have been doomed to finish their life in poverty and crushing debt due to these lockdowns. I think we are at a point where people need to choose for themselves.

        6 months ago
      • I support opening sooner rather than later. However in this case I wonder if people will be able to decide for themselves, or if they'll have to work or lose their position.

          6 months ago
      • I sure hope not. That’s a recipe for a lawsuit and a union...

          6 months ago
    • Good for him. Enough is enough. If your scared then don’t go to work. For those of us not, thank you!

        6 months ago
    • If he is arrested, he should be put in General Population. See how he likes being around a bunch of people not knowing if they are infected.

        6 months ago
      • That is partly his point. That jail is far more dangerous.

          6 months ago


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