Elon Musk explains why the Cybertruck's windows broke

Elon Musk explained why the "unbreakable" windows on Tesla's new Cybertruck cracked during the demonstration Thursday night

37w ago


Normally, When glass is being hit with a steel ball, without surprise it would shatter, but Tesla being Tesla want to go that step further with "ultra strong glass". But during the demonstration they had just went through a demonstration of dropping steel balls down a vertical shaft onto a piece of Tesla's new "unbreakable" window glass to prove there was no effect. But then, when Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen came up to the stage and threw a steel ball at the driver's side window in order to show the strength of the truck, well lets just say it was a "crackin" display!


On Sunday night, Musk himself offered an explanation for what happened. Shortly before von Holzhausen threw a steel ball at each of the windows on the truck, he had hit the truck's door with a decent size sledgehammer. That was to show the strength of the truck's body panels. But the impact from the blows of the sledgehammer had somehow slightly damaged the base of the glass, Musk said.

"Sledgehammer impact on door cracked base of glass, which is why steel ball didn't bounce off," Musk tweeted. "Should have done steel ball on window, *then* sledgehammer the door. Next time ..."

But either way, shouldn't this ultra strong glass, be "unbreakable" no matter if you hit the doors first or the windows? Im still not convinced on this truck yet....

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