Elon Musk Exposes Corrupt Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson


Dr Gunk posted in TGZ
3y ago

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  • These were very early models of Tesla, only the crew would know for sure what the truth is, they may be legally tied to not speak about it. It really does not matter anymore, Tesla has improved range, reliability, and price. They are the best electric cars on the market today and nobody can deny that. It really just comes down to the consumer, what can you afford, and/or what do you want? If it was a lie, it most likely would have been driven by BBC because of sponsors ad money, so I would not pass judgment on the crew, and we all know BBC execs are bunch of Pedo/aholes anyway and would not trust them.

      3 years ago
  • Does this means current top gear are corrupt as Jeremy and co are part of a different show.

      3 years ago