Elon Musk Found to Be Under the Influence After Cybertruck Fiasco

Joint Found in Musk's Jacket After Event on Stage

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Today Elon Musk was to announce a major breakthrough and unveiling in their research and development. As Bee reporters are sworn enemies of Musk and all of his vehicles, several Driving Bee reporters were on site to watch Musk reveal the new and potential car for Tesla. Musk, the CEO for Tesla went on stage to showcase the new car and demonstrate its toughness and capabilities. On stage the Tesla Truck's body panels was shown to be rather durable, but the windows broke rather easily. This caused Musk to be rather perturbed. Later after the big reveal, Musk was determined to be under the influence of marijuana on stage.

Bee employees are glad to report that someone infiltrated their sworn enemies of Tesla and placed joints all around Musk at all times, enticing him to smoke them. Musk reportedly smoked several at key points during the design of the truck forcing the windows to be so compromised with the glass that they used. Musk also smoked marijuana before going on stage in Los Angeles to showcase the car. According to other sources, Musk was seemingly on so much weed that his response to the window breaking was entirely directed at something else and not the window.

Of course, we at the Bee are glad for the failure of the windows the Cyber Truck and are even more happy about Musk's response to the situation. Bee reporters questioned Tesla officials if Musk was addicted to marijuana products or used it for recreational purposes, but they declined to comment as they couldn't be bothered. It is rumored that we at the Bee infiltrated Tesla, but as we are the ones writing this, we can tell you, it is not true.



In case ya’ll are too stupid to understand, this is satire. I do not encourage this type of behavior, nor want you idjits to it and blame it on me when ya'll get in trouble for it. I don’t know why I have to put this here, but apparently people want it here, cause if ya’ll don’t know that it is satire, ya’ll might think it is real. So in case you idjits can’t tell a joke from the real thing, maybe take a class on sarcasm and critical thinking, or just READ THE DAMN TRIBE DESCRIPTION!

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