Elon Musk has explained why the window broke on the Cybertruck

The CEO of Tesla has come back and made his statement on Twitter

36w ago


Just when you though that all the chats about the Tesla Cybertruck were over, here is a new one for you.

As many might remember, Musk invited an employee to throw a metal ball at the glass of the Cybertruck. As was expected by many at Tesla, the metal ball should have bounced off the glass but it created a huge crack. Everybody became curious as to why this happened and Rob Adib (a Twitter user) went ahead and tried to give an explanation and, Elon agreed.

So what does all this mean. Well because the stainless steel doors of the truck were by the sledgehammer, and then by the metal ball striked the glass. The sledgehammer broke the base of the glass when it was hit on the door, and then the glass cracked when the metal ball was thrown at it. But that isn't it.

There is another side of the story yet to be told. You see the sledgehammer was used only at the front door, but not the rear door. So why did the rear glass also break when the metal ball was thrown at it? Hmm... some more explanation needed Elon...

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  • No, that explanation is wrong. The breakage pattern on the front side window and rear window are definitely impact type fractures, which started at the point of impact. Unless stupid, they likely had tested on windows in a rig ahead of time trying to damage them using the metal balls. There are many reasons the installed windows could have broke where the others did not. So oops, how embarrassing!

      8 months ago
    • 8 months ago
  • If it's any help: I once snagged one of my balls on my car window while I was climbing out. My vehicle door lock jammed in the ice, no one was interested in that.

    As to the Bert conspiracy theory here: Elon created a launch magic illusion talking point about Bert the Cybert that would run and run. It could have been anything like forgetting to bolt down the pick up bed or the wheels falling off.

    Elon is the master magician of advertising slapstick.

      8 months ago
  • When you write these stories you should do a spell check and check the grammar as well.

    Very poor!

      8 months ago
  • So the window is not stiff enough.

    same thing

      8 months ago