Elon Musk performed a strip tease on stage and we don't know what to think of it

It can't be unseen...

1y ago

To show how excited he was about the new Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai, Elon Musk did something which you wouldn't find other people in his position doing.

Elon Musk performed a strip tease while doing the 'Walk Like An Egyptian" dance moves while listening to Axwell and Ingrosso’s song ‘More Than You Know’. I mean, it doesn't get more Musk than this does it?

Thankfully he remained fully clothed throughout the show but he did fling his jacket across the stage. Oh Elon, how you fail to amuse us. He was also proud enough to share this footage with his 30 million followers on Twitter. Take a look for yourself.

Is this the best thing he has done yet?

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