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elon musk reveals testing on monkey to develop super brain interface for humans

16w ago


Frankly people are crap, you go to school and can't even lace your own shoe. But eventually even you a morn can drive a car. The thickest people on earth are behind a steering wheel, driving around and that is unsafe. But all that is about to change because Elon figures to take you out of the picture by monkeying around.

Elon has strapped a device into a monkey brain and claims that the monkey can make stuff happen by thinking and those thoughts operate a computer that make people join drivetribe. And yes you will be able to interface with your Tesla via "superintelligence add on".

You are so crap that shortly you will be able to have "symbiosis with artificial intelligence", in the way you use your phone already. The next stage of development is to strap on a device that enables the monkey to speak in any language known or unknown anywhere in the galaxy. Because no human has stumped voluntarily up yet, there may be a bit of body snatching on the way and assembly required...

What do you think you monkeys?

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  • Has he never seen Dawn of the planet apes

    3 months ago
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    • Did you learn your lesson

      3 months ago
  • No fecking way. Just no.

    3 months ago
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