Elon Musk Teases An Even Faster, Rocket Powered Tesla Roadster

1y ago


By now you've all heard of the new Tesla Roadster. It is, or will be, the quickest ever production car, beating even the Dodge Demon to 60mph in a lightning fast 1.9 seconds and reach a speed of over 250mph. You can read more about that here:

Mr Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and tech maniac isn't happy with the mind blistering performance of his latest car, and thusly promises an even faster model. He put this on Twitter:

I don't think anyone before has described 1.9 seconds to 60 as 'base model performance'. But wait, it gets even more crazy...

I think Elon just told us that he's going to produce a rocket propelled car...? Did I read that right?

Okay, so maybe not rocket propelled necessarily, but a car with rocket tech sounds pretty incredible, nonetheless. And able to fly? Now we're talking Knight Rider technology and I'm getting far too excited to keep writing. So I'll just leave you with this and you can make your mind up on the rest.



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Comments (4)
  • Maybe like Murray's LCC Rocket? Well, that's Yamaha technology! :-)

    1 year ago
  • heres a thought

    it says that the new tesla will have 200kwh, which is fantastic, but its not possible in the new car, and have such radical acceleration at the same time....

    so....this means that tesla has a new battery tech on the way, either better chemistry for more electrons, or less liquid..as that 1200lb for 100kwh battery pack cannot be 2x as big, and still make a small sports car....that would put it way over 4000lbs loaded..

    ;ets use the 1/4 mile time quoted 8,8 secs

    Seeing that small car, and taking a flying leap at a number...3500lbs...seem reasonable to me

    simple maths show that a car at 3500lbs loaded requires 1200hp and uber awd to do this time. (ignore drag)

    And since a 100d pushes 588hp out, then 1 x 100d battery pack, and an ultra trick power train would push ~ 1200hp

    so...the numbers align nicely.......and the prices north of $200k.....thats for those trick batteries

    Tesla....the energy and battery company disguised as a vehicle maker.

    1 year ago


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