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Elon Musk: Tesla Roadster will be the fastest sports car on earth in every way

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There are big statements, and then there’s what Elon Musk has just said. For in a recent interview, the Tesla CEO has officially stated that the upcoming Roadster will be the fastest car on earth in every single discipline. It’ll have the fastest top speed, the fastest acceleration, and the best handling. It’ll be a complete Royal Flush to the suddenly de-powered Gods of internal combustion.

In the aforementioned interview with Recode, Musk said: “We’ve got the next-generation Roadster, which will be the fastest sports car on every dimension. Fastest acceleration, fastest top speed, best handling. It’s important to have an electric sports car that’s faster than the fastest gasoline sports car. And it helps address that halo effect that gasoline sports cars have. So I think it’s important to do that to show that, you know, electric is the best architecture.”

If the Roadster were to be released tomorrow, it would have to beat the 277mph top speed set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, as well as that car’s uncatchable acceleration. For the Roadster to have the best handling, I personally see it needing to better the Porsche 991 GT2 RS. The trouble is however, the Roadster isn’t being released tomorrow - it’ll be here in 2020. And by then, the automotive landscape will look very different.

Come the next decade, Aston Martin will have the Valkyrie in production, Bugatti will have the Chiron SuperSports, and Koenigsegg will have the Ragnarok. For Musk’s statement to hold any truth, these are the cars the 2nd generation Roadster will have to beat. And if you ask me, I doubt it will. But who knows, the power of electricity might just beat the best internal combustion can throw at it.

But now I want to put the question to you guys and say: do you take what Musk has said literally and believe the Roadster will be the fastest car in the world in every way, or do you think he’s just made an enormous overstatement? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

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Comments (64)
  • Is Elon Musk a relative of Dany Bahar?

    27 days ago
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    • A brother from another mother. 👍🏼

      27 days ago
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    • Reminds me of Lee Iacocca, who was called the father of the Ford Mustang. He said: "The Mustang had so many fathers, that I don't want to be seen with its mother..."

      25 days ago
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  • “Best handing” yeah sure. The model s weighs 5000 lbs and the bulk of the weight is from the battery pack and the electric motors. And this roadster supposedly has even more power which further increases the amount of already heavy batteries. Im going to be generous and say the roadster will weigh at best 4500 lbs. Any car that weighs 2+ tons will not handle as well as a car that weighs 2500 lbs.

    1 month ago
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