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E​lon Musk will send a Tesla Cybertruck to Mars

S​paceX CEO Elon Musk will send Tesla's latest vehicle to Mars by 2022

1y ago

W​e've all seen it, Tesla's Cybertruck is perhaps the most polarizing vehicle of the past decade. It has divided the internet more than anything else in recent memory, love it or hate it Tesla's pickup is here to stay. And by the looks of it Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a few more plans for his blade-runner esque pickup truck.

J​ust a few days ago a Twitter user asked Elon Musk if SpaceX's Starship will have Tesla's Cybertruck on board for its 2022 flight to Mars. In true Elon Musk fashion he replied with 😎. Now while I will admit Elon Musk's announcement is not along the lines of JFK's famous "We choose to go to the Moon" speech it does make for some interesting conversation.

T​esla is marketing it's Cybertruck as a truly indestructible vehicle, with space-grade steel body panels, and supposed "shatter-proof windows", and marketing terms such as, "a Cybertruck for a Cyber world".

T​esla have been well known for being able to garner a lot of free press by doing publicity stunts ranging from easter-eggs inside of Tesla vehicles, to sending a Tesla Roadster into space. This is seemingly the latest cog in Tesla's massive marketing machine.

H​owever, when you actually think about it the Cybertruck could be well suited for the harsh environment of Mars. With an all-electric powertrain the Cybertruck can easily traverse the surface of Mars, because unlike internal combustion vehicles it has no need for oxygen. On top of that it's off-roading capabilities and large towing capacity could prove useful to future astronauts.


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Comments (63)

  • I think I've been using this too much last year... And I seriously don't want to use it on the first day of the year, but I have no choice...

      1 year ago
  • Must say, not only do I find this a silly publicity stunt, but I'm not a fan of how hes done it in the past. I respect what Tesla had accomplished with the EV market, but just weeks before he launched the Roadster to space, Tesla laid off 7% of its employees, in an effort to "cut costs". If you're cutting costs, it's safe to say you're short on money, but then the following month he has enough money to send a car to space??? That's a hideously terrible thing to do to the employees that were laid off.

      1 year ago
    • Tesla and SpaceX are two different companies, with two different bank accounts. Furthermore, if you are insinuating that Elon should bankroll Tesla out of his own pocket he has done that, and you can't expect him to continue doing so.

        1 year ago
    • Simply saying it wasn't a good look in my opinion. And furthermore, I still think it's a silly publicity stunt, that serves no good purpose. Like I said, I respect what hes done for the EV market, but this kinda stuff is just silly in my opinion

        1 year ago
  • What won't Musk do for publicity?!

      1 year ago
  • Great, one less EV on this planet, although I do feel bad for mars now :(

      1 year ago
  • In perfect world Musk and everything he touches should be strapped to rocket

      1 year ago