The MGB was first built in 1962 by the British Motor Company (BMC), which later became British Leyland.

Including the MGC and MGB GT V8 variants 523,836 cars were built, with production finally stopping in 1980.

There was a brief revival of the body style - the MG RV8 - from 1993 to 1995 - only 2,000 were built.

Without doubt one of the most recognisable British Sports Cars, MGB's have been pretty affordable until recent years, but good examples are starting to bring quite good money now.

A wag I know recently mentioned to me that of all the MGB's built, about 90% are still on the road!

And the other 10% made it home! :)

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  • Great jokes. Gorgeous car

    17 days ago
  • That joke has me thinking.

    18 days ago
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