Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, All that needs to be known.

Just in case you missed the race let me enlighten you and let you catch up with everything you missed.

But first.

Let me start of with stating the obvious and saying I know I am probably very late with all of this but I thought I would talk about the highlights of the race and potentially about what may happen next.

Chaos at the start.

Lewis Hamilton damaging his car after been over takin by Max Verstappen at the first chicane on the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton damaging his car after been over takin by Max Verstappen at the first chicane on the first lap.

With the rain came a wet race and with a wet race came pure chaos from the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton had a good start but unfortunately Max Verstappen had a better start starting in second gear as supposed to first gear having more traction and rocketing past his team mate Sergio Perez and finding himself along side Hamilton and competing for first place and as soon as it came to the first chicane utter chaos assumed and Hamilton went over the car destroying kerbs of Imola and on the first lap he had damage, although light damage, the incident was enough to make him lose pace and loose his first place from the start.

Is Perez done with Red Bull already?

Of course it is way to idiotic to assume just because he had one bad race that it basically sums up how he's season is going to go, besides he has had more good things to show this season so far than bad after he's awesome recovery from basically last at Bahrain and his outstanding qualifying results last weekend he has so far proved that he is the perfect team mate for Verstappen and when he gets up to speed and comfortable with his environment at Red Bull he can and maybe will take it to the silver arrows and aid Max and Red Bull in their fight for the championship.

The Mercedes head ache.

Russel and Bottas crash.

Russel and Bottas crash.

This is a race that Mercedes might want to forget especially Bottas and Russel, Hamilton after his incident at lap 31 had a excellent recovery finishing in P2, but unfortunately for Bottas it was the end of his race which in all honesty was already a horrible race for him, not only that but the crash involved someone that might potentially replace him in the future which heated the situation allot, The incident was deemed a racing incident but behind the scene there is definitely allot going on with Toto Wolf stating on camera in a interview afterwards that he is very close to moving Russel to the Clio Cup instead of the Mercedes seat, obviously it was a joke, but the fact remains that Toto did not sit well with it, of course he cant just blame Russel but he must also look at the fact that Bottas was were no Mercedes was supposed to be in the first place and just like Russel said, a P9 is more important to him than to Bottas because in all honesty he has been stuck in that part of the field for his whole race starting in 8th place and crashing out at 9th place which in all honesty says a lot about how bad his performance was.

Of course you cant just blame Bottas as it was maybe even more Russel's fault for the incident for trying such a daring overtake in that conditions, what people more are upset about is how he responded after the race and lashed out at Bottas even stating that if it wasn't him that would try to overtake him but rather someone else he would not have defended in such a aggressive manor which is true yes but not a mature way of bringing the subject out especially in front of the press.

So who's fault was it, well no one, as said it was deemed a racing incident and was 50/50 each drivers fault with other wise no one was an angel nor devil in this case but rather it was a series of unfortunate events which came to a more unfortunate conclusion.

Forza Ferrari.

Ferrari at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Ferrari at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Ferrari might not have had that podium they thought or maybe hoped they will have but it still was a massive improvement from last year with Leclerc finishing in 4th and Sainz in 6th which is compared to last years results at the same circuit's 5th and 12th results an actually outstanding result, this actually proves that Ferrari have had a massive improvement through the winter break, this may be the results we will see through the year from the Scuderia except from maybe a podium or hopefully two as they like the rest of the grid are focusing on next season and the new regulations so that they hopefully wont make the same mistake they did in the start of the turbo hybrid era and hopefully get back to were they belong, on top and challenging for wins and championships.

Super Lando.

P3 for Lando Norris.

P3 for Lando Norris.

McLaren and Lando Norris had an awesome race at the Italian Grand Prix starting in the midfield and finishing in third place only to be denied a second position by the rampaging Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton but also not without a fight, only once Norris didn't have DRS did Hamilton manage to get past the young British driver and finish in second position, but still P3 is an outstanding result for Norris and McLaren and it shows that all McLaren's hard work was not for nothing.

Has this race shown how the season might go.

Max Verstappen wins the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen wins the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Has this race shown how the season might end, who potentially might be the champion, well no it is still way to early to say who might be the champion but it does show that this season is going to be a very close battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, with the new rules giving Red Bull the edge over Mercedes and also with that new Honda engine making the RB16B rapid, it shows they will definitely be terrorizing the Mercedes cars through this year, but also who knows, maybe we will see a new champion this year.

Is it worth going back to Imola next season?

Well yes and no, from me there is no concrete answer really about if the track should stay in the F1 season next year as I love the track for all of its history in the sport and the atmosphere around the track but I also absolutely love Monza as a track for the Italian GP and I would like for it to stay so as it is the temple of speed after all, so what is my answer then?

Well I would love for it to stay but not as the Italian GP but rather maybe once again as the San Marino Grand Prix just like the days of olden and let Monza stay as the Italian Grand Prix, the only question left then is if the FIA thinks the same...maybe not who knows.

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