Emotion and Smell of Oil at Imola Classic

I Can't describe the emotion...finally encounter these monsters live....Love, amazament, magnificence, this is only a few of emotion that i feel seeing these cars for my first time. I have only 25 year old but after many movie, photo and tells of my father and old guys that remember me those great times of motorsport, it's as if i've always know them . Yes maybe don't go really fast, the driver are so conservative on these cars, i understand that are very expansive now, but always a great emotion. I have only last 2 GB on my Micro SD last 4 minute of filmming after a great day and races so i move on Villeneuve Turn so fast i go behind enclosure and try to take a good shoot of these great car speially after take great shot on paddock of Alfa Romeo 33/3 one of my prefer prototype of 70's, but too emotions i cant hold my 200-300mm on my camera too shaky too much network, not good video on track, but i still have a special but I keep the beautiful personal memory of this short day.

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