Emotional Lewis Hamilton celebrates career high

Hamilton and Mercedes clinched F1 teams' title in style in Brazil with victory

2y ago

An ecstatic and "emotionally drained" Lewis Hamilton has hailed clinching Mercedes' fifth consecutive constructors' title as one of the highlights of his Formula 1 career.

He may have just broken records himself by becoming a five-time world champion, but Hamilton, as passionate as ever following his Brazilian GP victory, says he will always remember the day he helped his team make history.

"It has been an emotional afternoon," said Hamilton, who admitted he could "barely stand" after getting out of his car to embrace his team, on Sunday.

"I think that might be the best moment I've had with this team."

The Silver Arrows have become the second team in F1 history to secure five 'doubles' - winning the drivers' and constructors' title - in a row, helped to no end by Hamilton, who has scored more than 60 per cent of the team's points this year and sealed his fifth crown at the previous race in Mexico

"I've never seen the guys so happy," Hamilton added. "We've been together a long time and the guys are usually happy, but reserved about it, so I was really hoping when I got back [out of the car] that the guys could feel what I was feeling.

"I saw it...and I'll remember that moment for the rest of my life."

Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013 and has secured four of their five drivers' titles in the hybrid era.

He continued: "I'm emotionally drained at the moment but I'm honestly so proud of everyone.

"It's hard to really contemplate what's happened in these last six years. It's been such an incredible journey and by no means has it been easy for anybody within this team.

"It's just the greatest team effort that I can remember seeing. It's really awesome."

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