End of an era

The skyline R34 is arguably the most desirable JDM car on the market today. But all good things must come to an end at some point, right? Well on paper Nissan have defiantly stepped up their game.

Nissan unveiled the GT-R in 2007 the new car looked promising to fulfill the concept of "a ultimate supercar for anyone, anywhere, at anytime". The new Nissan is the premium in the range. It offers a world first independent transaxel and AWD, as seen in its predecessors. The car was to only be available through Nissan high performance dealers in japan but that isn't the case anymore.

Nissan GT-R in red.

The Nissan GT-R was developed with a understanding and appreciation of the Earth's natural forces - gravity, inertial force and aerodynamics as a result it translates those forces into a completely new design, maximising tire grip and airflow. They have also revised the cars ergonomics for the driver. Meaning that the car has super high tech gizmos creating what Nissan a 'Human Machine Interface' (HMI.) This means that the GT-R is easy for anyone to access. For me that's a thing i don't like but Nissan have made it work.

The Engine in this car is the all new 3.8L twin-turbo V6 code named VR38DETT. The block of this new engine has plasma sprayed bores. It also has a unique turbo exhaust manifold and like the GT-R badge forbearers twin turbos. The new power plant has 2 air systems allowing for more torque at lower RPM allowing for a much smoother driving experience. it also allows for the optimum air-fuel ratio at any given time or condition. This , amazingly, means the car meets ultra low emission vehicle standards... however this is only in Japan. Peak power (470BHP) is made from 6400RPM. Max torque is available from 3200 RPM but drops off at 5200 RPM. This new engine is harnessed to a all new dual clutch transmission coded the GR-6.

The VR38DETT unit.

The chassis of this track focused car is not what you would expect. Lots of tasty things going on. The sculpted body its made of carbon, aluminium and steel. Meaning its stiff but light. The suspension is a Bilstein DampTronic system. A computer is buzzing away constantly monitoring whats going on constantly making adjustments to the dampers. The brakes are huge... 6 pot full floating Brembos are married to the front with 4 piston brakes at the back of the car. However the pads are steel meaning there could be some fade but the braking is stable and pedal feel is good. The car also features run flat tyres which Nissan fills with nitrogen because they consider normal air too unstable with temperature. Putting all these yummy things in the not so gorgeous GT-R is a wonder of its own. Engine and transmission units are assembled by a single engineer in a 'clean room'. The gearbox for instance only works with the engine its made with and upon completion they undergo a series of test to insure everything works after anything.

As with all skylines in the past the GT-R is a highly tunable car. loved for its insane performance and vast array of body mods; thus allowing people to express their own style. the engine has huge potential with a strong block and twin turbos the engine can throw out some somewhat silly numbers. Tuners, Litchfield, have gone way beyond a 1000 BHP. The car has a lot of potential for body mods as shown below. many different bumpers and body kits are on the market. However as with everything with a supercar its not cheap...

A Liberty Walk works GT-R

The GT-R has also got some siblings... Yes Nismo pipe down your part is here! Nismo has tickled the engine to make it produce 591BHP and has more torque. Some new bumpers and aero parts were added to the car as well. Additional front and rear brake cooling ducts are added, and a full Nismo tuned suspension is installed, including a hollow 17.3mm rear stabiliser bar from the Nismo performance division. Special edition forged alloys by RAYS in 20" size are included in the upgrade as well. However the price nearly doubles with the Nismo when it was released costing $140,000... bit greedy of them.

The latest 2017 GT-R

There's no doubting that the GT-R is a mega car. But, for me there are too many things that put me off it. I'm not a fan of the styling and the fact anyone can use it i also don't like the noise the engine makes either. Yes, i am just whining because for the money the GT-R is probably the best car you can buy