- A render of a Datsun concept that we were asked to copy an example render of.

End of Semester Auto Design Update!

We have had the chance to work with clay, 3D modelling, Photoshop and drawing (obviously).

Clay was challenging as we have to convert all the 2 dimensional ideas into 3D, by hand as well which means getting the model symmetrical is very difficult, once it is sort of half symmetrical the next problem is getting the surface smooth which was very tough and I don't think I managed it that well if I'm honest. I had to stop with the model due to time constraints as the clay workshop closed for the holiday.

3D modelling on the computer using Alias Autodesk has also been a challenge, similarly to the clay working in 3D is a challenge after being used to drawing and a little bit of work on Photoshop. There is one model that we all produced in a particular lesson on this program however I am yet to produce it myself at home so have no image of it yet. You can be sure I will post it here once completed though.

Photoshop I had thought would be tough, however compared to anything 3D it has been relatively straight forward and okay to pick up which surprised me. I am amazed how little time it takes on here to enhance and improve a drawing. I admit they are not professional quality but the idea and the effect is beginning to take shape on some of them. Here are a couple.

The Datsun render I was asked to produce copying an existing render of the same car

A quick rendering of a Lamborghini truck, we were asked to produce designs for 3 different trucks, each from 4 angles, I produced this, a VW design and a Land Rover design. I think the Lambo came out best suprisingly.

I am also working on a Nissan van redesign project which I will hopefully be able to share some of very soon!

Aside from the 3 work methods above we are also encouraged to draw a lot to work on proportion and general sketching techniques. Sometimes even tracing over existing images of cars is a task we are given as it helps us understand proportion and shape within existing designs.

A Mazda 3 sketch we were asked to complete tracing over an existing image of the car.

Thank you very much for reading and taking a look at my work, apologies for the lack of content in this tribe recently, I have been very busy with the course and keeping The Gaming Tribe running. I will try my best to up the content here a little bit next semester so make sure to join the tribe for more regular updates.