End of the season

it is now the end of the show season, with winter drawing in all the cars are going away or being changed. So i went to the last DubClub Meet of '16

4y ago

DubClub is my local'ish regular car meet, fully legal and always busy. I have been going to there meets for nearly 4 years and have always had fun and its always good to catch up with Tony & crew behind it.

Tony's Audi A4

Tony's Audi A4

Tonight, unfortunately, is always a sad time though as its the last one of the year. This means a fair few people who haven't braved the cold & wet conditions recently come out for one last hurrah and a good natter about what our plans are over the winter months. This makes it a good meet to go to with people travelling from all around the UK to come over to this chilled meet. Even though the meet is called DubClub it has now turned into a mix bag meet with anything being allowed in as long as its cool, stanced or retro.

Through the year this meet is held every Wednesday near Coventry and brings in a massive selection of cars and it has a strict "no f***ing around" policy which means there is never any trouble and everyone knows everyone.

In the height of summer you can expect to see this car park to be full with a few hundred cars in no time with some serious metal on show. It is also a reason why I love the modified car "scene" so much as everyone is happy to help if anything breaks and in general are very friendly making it one of the best social car meets in the UK. I say this as no small thing as I have travelled over most of the UK in the past 8 years doing some of the biggest cruises and meets but had never experienced anything like this. To me this is a very unique thing for the UK and I am now looking forward to February '17 when it will all start again.

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