Endless Summer

And the Ferrari 812 is not as ugly as I thought.

December is officially here. Most of the northern hemisphere is prepping their cars for hibernation until spring comes along and the grass is green and the skies are blue again. Well, not everyone on this side of the globe is doing it. It is true that, as I write this, it's raining outside and cold but, if I drive 40 minutes, I will find a sunny, warm day. That's the beauty of microclimates. You might notice that most cars I'm going to show you are supercar despite I usually talk about how I prefer covering classic cars events, and it's true.

However, a car club was celebrating their 11th anniversary and there was a lot of fuss about the event on social media so... I decided to check it out. It's nice to break the routine every now and then, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I do like supercars but I don't like most of the modern ones.

The cars were supposed to arrive the meeting spot at 10.00 am, before setting off to cruise across the island and the meeting point was the opportunity for people to check the cars out. So there I was, early and yet, there were people with cameras waiting for the cars too. The first one to show up was a Corvette. When I heard a noise coming down the main road and it was this thing. I like the colour.

Anyways, a couple of 911s and some Audis later, this showed up.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast. I'm going to make a parenthesis here because I was quite surprised by the looks. I liked the F12 Berlinetta. One of the best looking Ferraris on decades, and then they ruined it with the TDF. Lamborghini did the same with the Aventador and the SVJ. Up until this moment I had only seen pictures of the 812 and it looked hideous but I don't think I haven't met such a case of photos not making justice until now. The colour is super nice, it suits the shape of the car better than red, I would say. This one even had the Canary Islands' flag on the back, nice touch.

The stream of arriving cars didn't seem to slow down. BMW's M versions seemed to be the more "common" cars there but also some good gems could be found between all the supercars, like this '60s Stingray. It's fair to say that it stole the show. I mean, look at the colour! I took 100 photos of the car and only these few make justice to it.

Some little Japanese cars showed up too.

I planned to follow the convoy for part of their route and take pictures but, considering that it was more than 30 cars, it would have been impossible.

How is the weather where you live? Is your car season over?


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