(ENG) Whatever happened to the Honda Clarity?

We're being constantly reminded of electric and hybrid cars. What happened to hydrogen cars?

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The Toyota Mirai, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid, was first introduced at the LA Auto Show in 2014 and the media immediately went crazy. "The car that's going to change the world". Probably, maybe. But the thing is, the very same press people had largely ignored the Honda FCX Clarity. With the FCX Clarity, Honda had introduced exactly the same sort of car, 7 years ealier (introduced in 2007 at the LA Auto Show, available from 2008). As ever with history, everybody remembers the first and the last but we tend to forget the pioneers in the middle. That's why everybody knows about the Benz Patent Motorwagen, the first car in history, and the Forde Model T, the first production car, but nobody remembers the Cadillac Type 53, the first car with a modern pedal and gear lever layout (clutch, brake, throttle, the gear lever is in the centre of the car, the handbrake is inside the vehicle, etc).

Honda FCX Clarity (2008-2014)

The FCX Clarity, admittedly a little early, told us we could get rid of oil entirely. It was a hybrid but it was a different sort of hybrid. Unlike most hybrids, the electric motor joined forces with hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen is H20, which is water. And as you probably know by now, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It developed 130 hp with 230 miles of range. In 2014, as the Mirai was being introduced to the world, the FCX Clarity went out of production and while the new Clarity is available now, nobody seems to bother. A lot of petrolheads dislike hybrids and electric cars because they think they'll be the death of the car as we know it, but it's not like that. Actually, electric and hybrid cars will save the petrol car. You can drive a boring, eco-friendly vehicle for the trips you MUST take, like daily errands, commuting to work and so on, and you can use the petrol car when you WANT TO. Nice drive in the mountains, on a racetrack, or a Sunday run to Monaco. That's the future

Honda Clarity 2017

photo credit: Honda pressroom

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