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  • Clean build Ethan. Dropping that bad boy in an S10, eh? That's going to be fun.

    Back in the early 1970's my Dad and a buddy dropped a 454 into a P'Up. If you don't know - those were tiny. The thing had SO much torque that when they shifted from 1 to 2 the entire truck would jump off the ground and move over one foot before setting back down. I was young but I remember the truck. Never rode in it though. Mom said, "NO".

      7 days ago
    • 🀣 that is quite a wild story, I love it! I hope to have a similar "shit yourself" experience in my truck when finished, I'll keep you updated, thanks for sharing!!!

        7 days ago
  • Woah! That's really cool! Nice work

      4 days ago
  • That's so cool, where are you going to put it

      7 days ago
  • Wow looks amazing!!

      7 days ago