Engine screaming & drinking

M​arch F2 originally driven by Jean - Pierre Jarier

T​his is Jean- Pierre Jarier’s 1978 March 782 F2 car with a BMW M12 engine on a rolling road.

M​arch 782 recently been restored and prepared for new a season of historic motor racing and the 4 cylinder BMW M12 engine has also had a full rebuild, which is now producing approximately 270 BHP and doing around 140 MPH standing still.

S​creaming with the help of a Kugelfischer fuel injection system and drinking huge amounts of fuel every second.

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J​ean - Pierre ( born in Charenton - Le - Pont, France ) also went on to race in formula 1 for teams such as March, Shadow, Ligier, ATS, lotus, Tyrrell and Osella between 1973-1983, he has also raced a number of sports and endurance cars in his later years.

T​hanks to Simon Hadfield Motorsport and Ridgeway race engines for getting this car looking and sounding amazing.

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