engineering laziness (lamborghini)

This'll be a series of artciles about the laziness of design and engineering from various manufacturers

Lamborghini. The embodiment of passion, flare, and power. From what was a simple tractor manufacturer, established in the 1940's, became a powerhouse supercar manufacturer in the present day, known for being an accessory for celebrities, a childs dream car, and an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. Yet, in recent times, Lamborghini has, personally, become lazy from both a design standpoint, and from an engineering standpoint. Let me explain.

When Lamborghini was bought by Audi 1998, there was of course skepticism. Sensible Germans, buying out a flamboyant Italian company, what's the worse thing that could happen? Well, it actually started out quite well. Lamborghini, with the Audi's help, introduced the world to the Gallardo, the baby Lambo. With only a 5.0L V10, compared to the flagship V12's the company is well known for, it proved to be a success for Lambo. Along with the introduction to the Murciélago, as the flagship model, Lamborghini was, to say it plainly, doing rather well.

Fast forward to 2012, and you have the Aventador. One of the best cars to come out of the company. Yet as great as the car is, the basis of the Aventador, i.e. the chassis, drivetrain, and the engine, has been used in various other models which Lamborghini has made. Once lamborghini knew that the Aventador was a great car, they must've taken a page out of Porsche's book and use the same design for their new models. The Aventador SV, was very hyped up, and when it was unveiled at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the world rejoiced, finally the Aventador recieves the SV treatment.

Nonetheless, once you remove the sharp lines, diffusers and bright paintjob, what you'll find is the Aventador, just with a a bit more hp and slightly bit better aerodynamics. Which, to me seems uninspiring and lazy. When a manufacturer releases either a limited edition model or a brand new [flagship] model, you'd expect it to look completely different to its predecessor and have significantly more power. The Aventador SV along with the most recent V12 powered Lambo, the Centenario, which has looks which reflects that of a 7 year old child interpretation of a supercar, share the same DNA with the bog standard Aventador.

Personally if I were in control of Lamborghini and the time came for an all new model, I wouldn't say, "Keep what's good about the Aventador, give it a bit more power and unnecessary over-the-top looks." I'd go about designing a new car, looks which don't resemble the model before it. Change the engine completely, keep the V12, but don't give it 20, 30, 40, 50 more hp, give it a fair amount, say about 100, 120. And go about adding more the the engine, perhaps a turbo or two, which would substantially improve performance and allow a new sound to escape from the exhausts.

What I'm trying to say is, Lamborghini should be more, original with their designs, and not use the Porsche method. In addition, it's not just Lamborghini which have fallen down the rabbit hole into lazy design and engineering, other companies have done the exact same, but we'll save that for another day. Let's just hope Lamborghini, reduce their laziness levels and become a hell of a lot more flamboyant, as they used to.

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  • Good point Jarvis. But perhaps the Roadster version of the Aventador SV is even more guilty. You don't even get a roof.

      4 years ago