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Enginehawk plans to revolutionise the motorcycle apparel industry on April 27

Motorcycle apparel that not only looks better and fits better but also performs better

ENGINEHAWK are on a mission to help save lives and make people as passionate about motorcycling as the brand’s founders are. They also want to be the world’s number one name in motorcycle apparel.

Set to launch on April 27, Enginehawk has been created by the people behind Ruroc, one of the fastest growing helmet brands in the world. The newest player in the apparel space has a bold vision.

Its founders believe the motorcycling industry needs protective motorcycle apparel that not only looks and fits better, but also performs better. In a nutshell, gear that you not only want to wear on the bike, but off it as well.

There will be six leather jackets and four textile/fabric options available at launch, but they won’t last long, with limited supplies expected during the initial phase. Ordered items will be available for immediate shipping though.

Enginehawk .50 Cal Jacket

Enginehawk .50 Cal Jacket

Leveraging the booming popularity of their parent company Ruroc, Enginehawk have cleverly piggy backed off the helmet brand’s success, forming a secret group of riders across the globe known as Task Force Echo.

Designed to have mass rider input into the new jacket offerings appearance and safety features, the task force was utilised to combine the wishes and wants of a wide cross-reference of riders to form the finished products.

The philosophy was to develop products by listening, learning and communicating with riders to gain insight into what they wanted, and in return it allowed Enginehawk to make better and more awesome products.

Jackets will form the first offering from the brand, with other items in development to follow. Like Ruroc, Enginehawk have established a cult like following, with riders around the globe keen to showcase their new apparel.

Enginehawk Hawkeye Jacket

Enginehawk Hawkeye Jacket

Female riders haven’t been forgotten either, with a women’s range of jackets currently in development, with prototypes expected to be released to testers from the Task Force over the next few months.

There’s some kick-arse names for jackets too, including the .50 Cal, Cookies ‘n’ Creme (and its ultra limited edition twin, Creme ‘n’ Cookies), the Hawkeye, Ironhead, and the 916. The textile range includes the Predator, Knucklehead, Airborne and Raptor.

The 916 Inferno will be limited to just 300 units, while the Creme ‘n’ Cookies jacket will be limited to 100 examples.

Made from quality materials, including heavy calibre premium leather, the jackets all include AAA abrasion resistance, and level 1 SAS-TEC Triple Flex armour in the shoulders and elbows. Level 2 armour is available as an optional extra.

Enginehawk 916 Inferno limited edition

Enginehawk 916 Inferno limited edition

It means the jackets not only look good, but also provide serious impact protection. The new Enginehawk website is already live (details below), so now is great time to form a personal wish list so you can quickly snap up your favourite at the launch.

With brands like Enginehawk shaking up the motorcycle apparel industry, the real winners are going to be riders, who get better quality and more innovative products at a competitive price point.

First release Enginehawk motorcycle jackets will be available to purchase online at www.enginehawk.com at 00:01am London time, on 27 April 2021. We’ll be there, grabbing our favourites, that’s for sure.

Enginehawk Raptor Jacket

Enginehawk Raptor Jacket

This story first published on Exhaust Notes Australia.

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  • gone you will be

      25 days ago
  • Revolution? Great marketing story and some styling. Safety marketing is what sells untill you hit a lightpost. Protection? Heavy Leather alone will not cut the cake. Leather protects on low speed sliding, not on impact. Being motorbike rider for years, protection is one element, 3DO is fantastic, but wont make any difference in comfort when crashing into a car at some considerable speeds.

      25 days ago