England To Become First Country Requiring New Homes To Come With EV Chargers

Legislation will be introduced this year that will mandate the fitting of EV chargers to all newly built homes.

3d ago

This comes as part of England’s new push to expedite the transition into an electric future. It is also reported that new office buildings will be required to install one EV charging point for every five parking spaces.

Because of this, England is now the first ever country to require newly built homes to be fitted with EV chargers. According to Electrek, the government initially attempted to do this in 2019.

This rule is expected to come into action next year.

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Comments (16)

  • All it'll do is push more out of the housing market. Not interested in buying a house with an EV charging point or a hydrogen boiler as they are overpriced and not greatly effective compared to alternatives. I'd rather spend the money on more bedrooms.

      2 days ago
  • What a waste that will be when they switch to something better a few years down the road.

      2 days ago
    • I know! Our kids will say 'Daddy, what is that?' and we'll say its what we were forced to fill up a car with. They will then compare that to the petrol pump.

        2 days ago
    • Or mummy depending on what you classify as!

        2 days ago
  • That is a strange decision to be so early

      3 days ago
  • ffs...

      2 days ago
  • This makes lots of sense, costs the builders very little and makes it simple for an owner to have an EV. For example a friend of mine has a quite new house, the parking is a block of garages which don’t have power to them, so for him adding a charger would be expensive. Wouldn’t be an issue if house builders had been required to put in a charger at the start

      1 day ago