England's newest land yacht

the rolls-royce dawn is a v12 velvet covered middle finger

4y ago

The Dawn. Such a car has never been built before. Coming from the hallowed halls of Rolls-Royce, the new Dawn is a luxury vehicle for those that want drop top fun, but still demand exacting fit and sumptuous surroundings. Rolls-Royce has thrown down the gauntlet within the luxury landscape by creating a peerless car. Much like when the Wraith came onto the scene, The Dawn is creating a loud buzz in the luxury car market, especially for a new set of owners who wouldn't have even considered Rolls-Royce for their personal transportation. It is now these same owners who are looking once again to fill an empty space in their garage. And if there is no space, then a new garage must be built, naturally.
With seating for four, the Dawn comes with an interior that is the constant envy of those who see it. Wood veneers accent the interior swaths of leather, so that there is no better location from which to watch the world fly by. With the convertible soft top in the closed position, the wind and road noise are all but muted by the prowess of Rolls-Royce, who have the quietest interiors on the market today. If you look real closely at any Roller, you'll notice that double-paned glass separates you from the outside world. And once you actually ride in a Rolls-Royce, you will quickly understand that any other car is merely a loud and obnoxious tin can. This, in a somewhat unconscious manner, makes driving a real chore, not to mention tiring. Rolls-Royce knows this and has addressed it purposefully. A long road trip is a mere glide of motion, as if set upon a cloud.
With all of the softness that the new Dawn has, it must not be forgotten that it is not just about sitting pretty. With a big lump of a 6.6 liter V-12 engine hanging out under the large bonnet, this car can move with the best of them. Coming in at a hefty 5,700 lbs, the Dawn is anything but svelte. Luckily for us though, Rolls-Royce has managed to squeeze out 563 horsepower. This assures that passing or cruising can all be accomplished with a natural ease Rolls-Royce does ever so well.
Splurging on a convertible is always a question that must be considered carefully. Splurging on a Rolls-Royce however is another matter entire. For within the details and craftsmanship, hundreds of hours of hand work, lies a vehicle unlike anything else. From the first Phantom to a new Dawn, the world is always brighter in a Rolls-Royce. So keep the top up or put it down, the weather be damned!

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