England's surprise World Cup success has already cost this company £150,000

1y ago


UK car ad site AutoTrader decided it could drum up some extra brand awareness during the football World Cup by giving away a new car for every goal scored by the England team during the tournament. For those who aren't aware of the Three Lions' standard level of performance, this would usually cost about £0.

Unluckily for AutoTrader, Gareth Southgate's side has hit a bit of form over the past two weeks, notching up wins against Tunisia, Panama and Colombia on their march into the quarter-finals. And the team's nine goals so far have set AutoTrader back a wallet-troubling £156,135 in new cars.

The giveaway cars have included Fiat 500s, Jeep Renegades and even a brace of Abarth 595s – which probably caused their financial director a bit of a moment.

Contribute to AutoTrader's financial misery (we mean win a car)

You can join in by tweeting #AutoTraderGoals or by entering your email at Autotrader.co.uk/goals.

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