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Enjoy The BMW M3's History In 10 Minutes

1y ago


The BMW is the best sports sedan bar none. It is the benchmark. It is the basis in which all other sports sedans are judged. There is the M3 and there is everything else. Few have come close to matching the M3 in all its splendor but no one has matched the M3's excellence. Yes, it has gotten a reputation as being the chosen form of transportation of the world's foremost asshelmets.

Thanks to the guys over at Donut Media we have a hugely entertaining glimpse into the M3's storied history!

The M3 ended up as the go to machine for businessmen who wanted to one up their businessmen rivals. "I see you just got the new C Class Steve, that's a fine automobile but it cant match my new BMW M3," they would say to each other. Effectively everyone in big business enjoys a good ol' fashioned dick measuring contest and he who owned the M3 had the biggest dick. You could see Patrick Bateman and Paul Allen having this exact conversation mere moments after comparing the different shades of white on their business cards.

When you buy cars based solely on ego you tend to let that ego run amok. So when stuck behind a family coming home from soccer practice who also happens to be driving than you would like the ego takes over. You wonder how these people do not realize your massive importance the only logical solution is to drive four nano-meters from their rear bumper until they happen upon just how important you really are. This is how the M3's status as a Cock's car was born. In reality it is a fate any M, AMG or RS car suffers because the people who buy them are rampaging cock thistles who can not grasp the concept of empathy.

The E46 is still an amazing driver's car. They do absolutely everything you want a sports car to do and then some.

This is a GOD DAMN shame because the M3 is one of the best sportscars ever produced. Every model reaffirms this year after year. The M3 is so good that we decided to make it the benchmark for our project Volvo V70R. A fairly insane target but if we can capture some of the E46 M3's brilliance in the body of a family friendly Volvo station wagon the end result would be something insanely glorious.

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Seriously, we bought a Volvo and plan to make it as close to an E46 as we can!