- Alfa Romeo Giulia super and me exploring the Col de Perty

Entering the Col de Perty

1y ago


I had this car for only 6 days and I went from Munich on a roadtrip in France . The Col de Perty was my first Col I ever drove. The wheather was bad, it was grey and raining and the road has a very bad condition and the corners are very steep. Happily I didn't know before, that the Col de Perty is famous part of the well-known Monte Carlo Rallye and many Driver are using it than their excercise for preparing the next Race. Here are some impressions of my trip and I am looking already to return.

The road is getting more narrow and I wasn't able to drive and do photos at the same time.

Up to the top of the pass

Finally we made it up! The car drove great, the only person who felt a bit afraid was me.. Our view above some gray mountains.

Rain and my first very narrow curve, but after a while I loved it.. With that car it is easy..

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