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Enthusiast reinvigorates the market for car pin collecting

Leen Customs has pumped new energy into the niche of automotive pin collecting.

34w ago

Pin collecting and more specifically automotive pin collecting is not new. If you hit up your local swap meet you will find tons of old school car pins from the 60s, 70s, 80s or even older. Automotive enthusiast Hansel Echevarria started a pin brand Leen Customs and has injected the automotive pin collecting market with new energy.

If you have attended a GridLife, Formula Drift, or even any grassroots event around the country you probably saw some Leen Customs pins without knowing it. There are "pin drops" where at a set time on the LeenCustoms.com website pins go up for sale, but are often sold out within minutes. You can find everything from movie vehicles to racecars to prized JDM works of art made into pins and some can go to fetch quite a bit on the used market.

Leen Customs has solidified partnerships with many automotive brands such as Toyo Tires (Leen Customs x Toyo have had unique SEMA pin drops), Subaru Motorsports, Meguiars, Donut Media, Hoonigan, Super Street, and Formula Drift to name a few.

As you can see by the header photo, I personally have obtained a few myself. Maybe it is a car I have seen in person (the GReddy x Super Street Supra), maybe it is a vehicle I wrote about previously (the Hoonigan Kei Truck), or maybe just one that looks like my personal ride (the red E92 M3). There are Leen Custom pins for everyone.

Do you have any Leen Customs pins? Interested in a particular car getting pinned? Let us know in the comments!

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Comments (5)

  • Surgeon General’s Warning: Collecting Leen Customs pins may become habit forming.

      8 months ago
  • Interesting.

      8 months ago
  • How does copyright law work in regards to pins of drawings of cars? Obviously when corporate logos are used, like Hoonigan or Toyo, they're likely being used in conjunction with the company. But when it comes to something that is clearly a VW Harlequin, but is a caricature of it? Is something like that 100% copyright-free, in that anyone with ability to have pins made and means of distribution can sell them?

    Asking for a fellow artist.

      7 months ago