Documenting our discovery of 5 cars hidden away for over 40 years in this barn constructed specifically to entomb these #Alfas. There is a first for everything- We can now check “Barn Deconstruction” off the list of ways in which we have had to get creative in order to exhume cars from long-term resting places. The first barn housed a 1967 #Giulia, 1969 Berlina, and 1976 Alfetta. The picturesque scene is what we all dream about as car enthusiasts without smelling the stench that goes along with it. Covered in decades of dust, the second "barn" (more like an old pole building) housed a 1962 Giulietta Spider and 1959 #Giulietta Sprint that were last on the road in 1978. The previous owner and his wife, last drove the cars in 1978 traveling from California to Pennsylvania. The wife, behind the wheel of the Giulietta Spider and the husband following suit in the Giulietta Sprint. Though they are fairly decrepit, all of the cars can be saved! #barnfind #carstories #claimyourclassic #lbilimited

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