People Who Shouldn't have a License

3y ago

When you've had a license as long as i have. You've probably heard or seen about everything. From accidents or just doing silly things with mates.

But these five videos definitely put the icing on the cake. Unfortunately for them its all been caught on camera for our entertainment

Case 1

Unfortunately for this guy. He tries to leave a nice circle in a carwash, and failed dismally, hitting the wall and having to leave with his tail between his legs...

I guess he wont be doing that again.

Note: Video originally had no sound, these are added in post

Case 2

When learning to drive, I'm pretty sure your instructor or parents would of shown you how to fill up a car. However here we have a lady struggling to align the fuel cap on the left hand side of the car with the pump. After 5 attempts she has finally figured out what was happening.

I wonder what was going through her mind.

Case 3

How many laddies does it take to fill up a car?

These laddies have the right idea, stealing the nozzle from the other side of the pump. Getting someone to pay for you fuel. Well untill they got caught out, that is.

Case 4

This guy took it literally (kill it with fire) when he found a spider on his car. Almost setting the whole fuel station alight in the process.

Case 5

I'm not sure what's worse, Lighting the car on fire while there's four people inside. Or trying to kill a spider with a lighter while topping up the car.

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