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Equus Bass 770: Motor City Muscle Car Mash Up

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Fans of classic European cars have Singer Porsches, Eagle E-types and Alfaholics GTA-R's, or in short, the very best a modern sports car can be but delivered in a fancy retro-shaped package. And frankly, it was only a question of time before the classic American muscle cars would get their own very expensive new cousin. And they have. Equus, a small company much like Singer or Eagle, with a handful of very talented and passionate mechanics, builds, among other models, the Bass 770 (prounced as in bass guitar, not the fish), which is a modern version of... every great American muscle car.


Hailing from Rochester Hills, Michigan, Equus Automotive is a small company with a huge passion for 60's and 70's muscle cars. Not just one specific car, but all of them. And so they have crammed styling cues from many of the greatest classic muscle cars into one amazing car. The Bass 770 immidiately reminds any lover of classic muscle cars of the Mustang fastback, and considering the two foglights, this may very well be the '67 GT500 Eleanor. Meanwhile, it's headlights seem to have their inspiration in the Dodge Challenger while the rest of the grille is very similar to a Plymouth Roadrunner. The Chevy Camaro probably served as inspiration for the rear fascia, and I'm sure you recognise many others as well. That's a lot of car for one car.

​​And then there's the interior. While styled to resemble a classic muscle car bare knuckle cockpit, all modern features are definitely present. Surrounded by the handcrafted leather interior there is a touchscreen console, complete with sattelite navigation and USB connectivity. It even has parking sensors and ISO fix for seating young children. It's called 'luxury muscle car' for a reason.


Despite the retro looks, the 770 is a very modern car underneath. Starting with the engine, it goes without saying that a tribute to classic muscle cars should have a proper V8. It's powered by an aluminium GM LS9 6.2L supercharged V8, the same engine as in the Corvette ZR1. Combine that with a six-speed dual clutch gearbox, and that results in a very muscular muscle car indeed. It's chassis and body are both aliminium, meaning the car only weighs 3640 lbs. Paired with the 640 bhp engine, it'll go from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, which is only a tenth of a second slower than the 458 Spider. It'll then be able to accelerate further towards a brisky 200 mph. Back to zero won't be a problem neither, because it comes with carbon-ceramic brakes as well.

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So, it's a pretty car that's also fast. However, it isn't nearly as much of a blue-collar worker's car as the cars it draws inspiration from. In a country where you can get your hands on a piece of V8 muscle for upwards of $30,000, the fully hand-built Bass 770 sells for between $250,000 and $290,000. Equus themselves defend this by claiming it takes at least 5000 man hours to build the thing, which doesn't sound unreasonable. In fact, their slogan is 'exclusivity takes time'. Turns out, exclusivity doesn't only take time, it also takes a quarter of a million dollars.

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