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Are you looking for the ultimate escape experience that will both challenge and entertain you?

Do you like nothing more than wasting hours underground in a well-lit car park?

Are you the type of person who gets turned on when facing your own mortality?

If so, then you should familiarise yourself with Escape NCP Chester; the brand new real time-played game of chance/survival which pits unwitting drivers of unsuspecting superminis against needlessly complex underground multi-story car parks.

Set on 3 levels of pulse-quickening game play, Escape NCP Chester is housed beneath a state-of-the-art medical centre and can best be described as a warren of car parking spaces and labyrinth of possible ways to exit the construct. Although elsewhere is described as being; “fucking impossible to get out of when you have roughly 5 minutes to exit once you’ve paid your ticket in the machine.” Claiming to be the first of its kind anywhere in Europe, Escape NCP Chester challenges even the most astute and puzzle-wrangling of drivers, as they battle (with both their emotions and physical alertness) to escape what seems like a chamber of impossible dead ends at every turn.

While many adrenalin-junkies (and associated freaks) get raging boners at the very thought of plotting their exit strategy from a variety of specially designed and constructed basements, panic-rooms and general break-out buildings, here at Escape NCP Chester the tension (non-sexual) is palpable from the very moment you park up and remember that within an hour you’ll be desperately trying to work out how to leave the very same car park; frantically searching every nook and cranny while sweating profusely and playing out your own Groundhog Day scenario. But don’t just take our word for it, read below what others have said about Escape NCP Chester.

Troy Ranger -

“I recently got trapped in Escape NCP Chester for 3 long, soul-destroying months, after taking a wrong turn on Level 2. I had even penned a last letter to my girlfriend, convinced that I’d never see her again, before night caretaker shone his torch into my face as I sat slumped over the steering wheel of my Dacia Duster. I couldn’t recommend/rate Escape NCP Chester any higher.”

Val Lederhosen -

“Despite asking an employee who was busy removing traces of another terminated driver who I later learned had failed at Level 3, as to where the nearest exits were, I still nearly didn’t emerge from Escape NCP Chester alive. In fact, I resorted to eating the half-consumed BLT sandwich I’d left in the glovebox of my 2005 Vauxhall Corsa three days early, simply to stave off my own imminent demise. I can hand on heart say that there’s no escape experience quite like it!”


(But only if you NEVER want to see your family and friends ever again)..........

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