Espresso GT - East Berlin Style Cars & Coffee

Is there any good reason why anyone should get up at 6:45am on a Sunday to drive through Berlin's city centre? Maybe I found one...

8w ago

By casually browsing YouTube I discovered "Craftwerk" - a stunning looking social hub for motorcycle people located in East Berlin. Since I'm not really into bikes I was really happy to learn that they also host a cars and coffee event called "espresso GT".

Despite the fact that I love to sleep in and that I hate driving through the centre of Berlin, I obviously had to take my big Bel Air out to see what's what!

Allow me to set scene before showing you the cars I saw.

Back in the early 90's East Berlin was a derelict place full of old industrial buildings that were soon taken over by artists, creative businesses or were converted into bars and clubs.

Needless to say, the gold rush is all but over, and gentrification has been in full swing for almost a decade already. Thus, finding affordable big spaces is almost impossible by now. And yet in 2019 Craftwerk was founded.

I applaud the vim of the founders for opening it in a city that gets increasingly hostile towards cars and motorbikes. Berlin's petrol heads are blessed to have a beautiful oasis like this.

The interior is a great mix of the typical East Berlin/urban hipster/industrial style and automotive pieces and pictures. It's definitely a nice place to drink an Espresso Tonic while listening to some Techno music.

Enough rambling! Here are some of the cars that turned up this morning

Last but not least I want to highlight my star of the show. This little 1930 Austin Seven race car...

...which also had my favourite detail of the day: A hood ornament that's also a water temperature gauge. And it still works!

The gauge reads: COOL - NORMAL - BOIL

The gauge reads: COOL - NORMAL - BOIL

The owner told me that he's really drag racing it against other classics like real muscle cars on Danish beaches and enjoys taking it to the grocery store occasionally. Absolute hero!

What do you think: Was it worth it to get up early this Sunday?

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Comments (10)

  • That DS Decapitable is absolutely amazing. I love seeing some of the old Euro cars that no one would import into the US. Was your big Bel Air wagon only the third American car there?

    Also, that radiator cap is brilliant. It might block the view a bit but it seems like such a simple idea well executed.

      2 months ago
    • Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of American iron. Normally one would see more for sure.

      I remember the Chevelle, C 10 and Charger- There was an unremarkable Mustang II I didn't take a picture of too, But I think that was it.

        2 months ago
    • Someone imported a Mustang II? Why? It wasn't a bad car for the era but it's a wholly different car than you'd associate with the Mustang name today.

        2 months ago
  • That's some seriously amazing iron. Wow. I'm still reeling. I'll be looking over these for some time. Thanks for posting!!

    Yes. Definitely worth getting up early for see.

    **IF my eyes aren't deceiving me it appears John Coleman is there with his PINK 911 in the first shot. 🧐

      2 months ago
  • If you aren't already I would suggest following Flitzerclub on instagram. Looks like some of their members were there and they do quite a lot of stuff in and around Berlin. Gent that runs it has a gorgeous green Maserati Khmanin.

      2 months ago
  • Absolutely!

      2 months ago