- Some Harley Davidson and me - photo credits for all the photos in the post - Valentina Zanola

Eternal city custom motorcycles show

34w ago


Sunday as you can read here, I’ve been at the Eternal city custom motorcycles show, an event dedicated to customized motorcycles in Rome, where I live.


Before let the photos speak for themselves, I would like to share a few thoughts about motorcycles.

I've always been fascinated by motorcycles, since childhood, sadly or luckily I never had the occasion to own one, or ride one, when I had the legal age for drive a scooter, my parents couldn't afford to get me one, so while most of my friends went around on their motorised two wheels, I had to follow in with my two wheels powered by my feet. With the passing of time and adulthood, a motorcycle as became a luxury, a plus, have a car was a priority, and I still haven't the occasion to ride one. I said luckily because I know well myself, and most probably if I get the occasion to straddle a bike, I would crash almost immediately. Said this, for these reasons, even if I fancy motorcycles, especially old models, I don't know much about them, nevertheless that don't stop me to look at them with eyes full of marvel.

That's also why, I didn't dared to climb up any of the bikes displayed, or shame on me, talk with the guys of the various piece at the show.

Still I had a very good time, there was a duo performing country songs, and among the pin up girls, in leather and heels, a cooler bunch of old guard’s ladies, with white hair and a badass attitude, that genuinely put a smile on my face.

As I explained in the previous post, it was an event I came across unexpectedly, so I haven't my camera with me, but I hope you will enjoy the photos.

This BMW was the one I would have take home with me

Thanks for reading!

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