Euro JDM - An exquisite RWB Porsche 964 Turbo

    Owned by DriftWorks´ boss and now starting to put its 500+Hp Turbocharged Air Cooled Engine to good use

    This beautifully built and tuned Porsche 964 Turbo belongs to Phil Morrison, the owner of British Tuning Company DriftWorks. Featuring exquisite RauhWelt Begriff Bodywork and tuned by PromoDet, this Monster was entirely built in Japan and is powered by a 3.3L Air Cooled Engine equipped with a HKS T04S turbo.


    Retro Rides Gathering served as a bit of a shakedown for this 500+Hp Monster as it was one of the very first outings of the car after being built and moved to Great Britain, but for those who want to know more about the build and what will happen in the future with it, follow DriftWorks Channel right here:


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    • Saw this thing at Brands Hatch a few weeks ago, so cool!

        27 days ago


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