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Euro JK: Tharani, Shankar wins Race 3 & 4 to end Round 3 in Coimbatore

The title battle will go into the final weekend of the 2018 season.

Following on from his win in Race 2, Karthik Tharani had his moment to shine again in Race 3 of 2018 Euro JK Championship at Kari Motor Speedway on Sunday in Round 3 as he led from pole to flag to claim his second victory of the weekend.

The Chennai-born driver though did not have it easy as Nayan Chatterjee was all over him after the Mumbaikar overtook Nirmal Uma Shankar early in the race. Chatterjee tried hard to find a way past the defences of Tharani but he held on.

After losing second to Chatterjee, Shankar tried hard to fend off Ashwin Datta for third but the points leader found a way past in the end stages to take the final spot on the podium and collect more points to keep his lead in the standings.

Shankar finished fourth from a lonely Brayan Perera as Yash Aradhya battled with Sudarshan Rao for sixth. The latter started in the Top 4 but lost chunk of places on the opening lap to be ninth before mounting a fightback.

He gained a position with the retirement for Manav Sharma while he overtook Mira Erda to slot himself on the tail of Aradhya. The Bangalorean fended him off well as Rao had to settle for seventh in the end.

Erda lost another place to Arya Singh as the Kolkata-born driver finished eighth as Chetan Korada rounded out the Top 10 with Sharma the lone retirement from the race.

Race 4

In a Top 6 reverse-grid formation, Aradhya held on to his lead but Perera slipped to fourth to start the final race of the weekend as Shankar and Datta went past the Sri Lankan in the opening corner.

However, Perera then fought back to reclaim third from Datta couple of laps later to slot behind the fighting duo of Aradhya and Shankar. Behind, Datta was fending off Chatterjee and Tharani in the fight for fourth.

Meanwhile, Aradhya did well to hang on to his lead until Shankar pounced on him in the latter stages of the race to head the way and eventually take the win as Aradhya then fell into the hands of Perera.

The Sri Lankan also managed to clear Aradhya for second with the Bangalorean settling for third as Datta held off the charge from Chatterjee and Tharani - both looked every bit to overtake him but couldn't find a way past.

Behind, Singh did well to be seventh from Erda with Korada keeping Sharma at bay to finish ninth while Rao was the only retirement from the race.

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