Europe to put a rover on Mars

2y ago


The rover they plan to put on the red (green) planet is a Rover 800, nobody knows why they’ve decided to put a car on mars (bar) but they have.

We spoke to European committee chairman, Brian Wingback-Strider (40) about the plan to put the Rover on Mars and he said it was a bit strange but it should be good when we finally put a colony on the green (blue with orange bits) planet. It’ll give them something to run about in.

We asked Brian (94) how many other car’s they looked at for the mission, he told us none, it had to be a Rover. The American’s have put Rovers on Mars and on the Moon so we just had to put one on the beige planet ourselves.

The exact specifications of the car have not been release but it’s thought to be a diesel. The committee thing it’ll be better on Mars because they are being phased out on this planet.

The Committee have also put tenders out for the first filling station on the red/orange planet, a car repair garage and a drive through fast food restaurant.

It’s clear they are looking forward to the future on the planet, well, first time for everything I suppose.